Bosses and How To Fight ‘Em

You hesitate, unsure whether to stand your guard or go on the offense. Nearby, your girlfriend is quickly cobbling together a magical blast of fire. The Devil Knight Emily howls and lifts her blade. You raise your shield in response. HYA!!

Today we’re gonna talk about the main feature of BOSSGAME: The Final Boss Is My Heart… Bosses!! It’s the reason you’re all here! This game is all about fighting scary bosses, of course. I wanted to make fighting every boss feel hectic and tense, but also give you some opportunities to really go wild and cut loose, too. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Oh, To Wield A Shield
Our heroes Sophie and Anna fight side-by-side, and you’ll be controlling them simultaneously during battle. Enemies will pressure the duo with a wide variety of attacks: flurries of sword strikes, barrages of magic, or huge explosions! If any of them connect, the hapless hero will be knocked out instantly! You’ll have to switch between offense and defense at a moment’s notice.

Thankfully, Sophie and Anna are nearly unstoppable with their shields! At the cost of some their energy (the yellow bars!), you can raise a shield and block enemy attacks. However, you’ll have to time your shields well. If a hero’s energy is too low, blocking a powerful attack will leave her stunned and helpless for a moment. If she gets hit during this time, she’ll get knocked out, and left unable to act until her partner can snap her out of it!

Sophie unleashes her Moonblade!

Alas, To Attack!
While the enemy recovers, it’s time to fight back! Each hero knows two skills to attack their foes. Sophie’s Slash and Anna’s Spark are quick and reliable attacks that only cost a small amount of energy. Sophie’s Moonblade and Anna’s Sunstorm deal powerful elemental damage to all enemies onscreen, but charge more slowly and cost a lot of energy. Moonblade and Sunstorm may also have special effects when used at the right time…

The power of LOVE!

We Love to LOVE
Sophie and Anna are both skilled fighters on their own, but it’s their shining love that makes them unstoppable! As you attack, you’ll build the team’s Love Meter. Once it’s full, you’ll unlock their special unison ability, LOVE Breaker!! If you can pull it off, you’ll BREAK the boss, stunning them for several seconds and giving you a chance to pummel them for massive damage! No boss can withstand this ability, and it can even be used to interrupt their most powerful attacks. So fight fiercely, prepare wisely, and defeat any who oppose you with the power of LOVE!

Fighting your boss is a fast and tricky dance. You might falter at times, but you’ll quickly learn how to defend and how to fight back.  Finding a balance is the key! Defeat the bosses through your fiery will! Your love will save Mammon City!!

Until next time,
Rook <3

next game… BOSSGAME: The Final Boss Is My Heart <3

So, if you follow me on Twitter, you MAY have heard me mention this, but I’m working on an action RPG called BOSSGAME: The Final Boss Is My Heart!

Defeat evil bosses with all of your heart! Follow the story of curious swordswoman Sophie and excitable witch Anna, disaster girlfriends who team up to defeat devils and earn a paycheck. BOSSGAME is all about high-speed rhythmic battles and coordinating both our heroes with both your thumbs. It’s about texting your dorky friends, charming rivals, and trashy enemies. It’s about uncovering dark secrets surrounding the warped and downtrodden MAMMON CITY. And most of all, it’s about proving that love and stubborn optimism can topple any evil!

I’ve been working on Bossgame since last April, and it’s come a long way! I’m focusing on mobile first to ensure the gameplay feels as responsive as possible on phones, and I’m aiming to release that version in late 2020. After that, my goal is to continue development and release on PC/Mac, and then – if the stars align – the Nintendo Switch.

If you want live updates on the game’s development, follow me on Twitter. Or if Twitter’s not your thing, join the Bossgame mailing list! I’ll have a lot more news and details to share over the coming months, so please stay tuned. See ya soon!!

-Rook (@itsmeagentv)