next game… BOSSGAME: The Final Boss Is My Heart <3

So, if you follow me on Twitter, you MAY have heard me mention this, but I’m working on an action RPG called BOSSGAME: The Final Boss Is My Heart!

Defeat evil bosses with all of your heart! Follow the story of curious swordswoman Sophie and excitable witch Anna, disaster girlfriends who team up to defeat devils and earn a paycheck. BOSSGAME is all about high-speed rhythmic battles and coordinating both our heroes with both your thumbs. It’s about texting your dorky friends, charming rivals, and trashy enemies. It’s about uncovering dark secrets surrounding the warped and downtrodden MAMMON CITY. And most of all, it’s about proving that love and stubborn optimism can topple any evil!

I’ve been working on Bossgame since last April, and it’s come a long way! I’m focusing on mobile first to ensure the gameplay feels as responsive as possible on phones, and I’m aiming to release that version in late 2020. After that, my goal is to continue development and release on PC/Mac, and then – if the stars align – the Nintendo Switch.

If you want live updates on the game’s development, follow me on Twitter. Or if Twitter’s not your thing, join the Bossgame mailing list! I’ll have a lot more news and details to share over the coming months, so please stay tuned. See ya soon!!

-Rook (@itsmeagentv)